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At this point, it’s hard to say what they won’t do, but with the way that Amazon is expanding, and the fact that they are already one of the most important consumer organizations on the planet, I would say that jumping onto the Amazon Prime bandwagon now is a really good idea. By the way, if you’re a student, you get some pretty huge discounts. Now, if you are someone who is into the shipping benefits, this is mostly a factor if you are into how fast those things come. Now, if you are not somebody who is impatient about their items deliver being delivered, I don’t think that the shipping aspect of Amazon Prime will make a huge difference for you. However, if you are someone who uses Amazon to order things, shipping can really be at cost that accumulates, and Amazon Prime is something that will definitely lower your shipping cost. So, you asked me: is Amazon Prime worth it? Well, maybe you didn’t, but a lot of people are asking me that question every day… Do I think that this is a sustainable business model? I think for a company like an Amazon, they have navigated and in a way that makes it sustainable. I think a lot of businesses would really struggle with that, I would be really surprised if there was any business that didn’t struggle, as a matter of fact, but at the same time you can’t fight with facts and figures and numbers and success, and this is a company that has broken traditional business models and really began to succeed at a high level. Just yesterday, Amazon actually purchased Whole Foods, can you believe that?

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