Small Businesses

Web-Deva provides the small business owner with a cost effective, easy to use way to update a site as frequently as you need or want to.

To modify content, design and functionality in response to industry trends, competition and site traffic analysis.

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Large Corporations

Web-Deva allows you to create private back, or mid office web sites.

It enables you to create a password protected site to share & archive corporate information, collaborate with blogs and discussion boards and disseminate corporate processes, procedures and technical specifications with video, audio, blogs and searchable catalogs or archives.

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Professional Web Developers

Web-Deva affords you a simple, professional interface for creating and editing high quality sites for your customers.

Web-Deva allows you to create reusable site blueprints and to employ custom html site designs.

It enables you to give your client full or partial access to CMS tools and to manage your sites from a single web based dashboard.

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Individuals and Families

Use Web-Deva to create a site where you can share & archive personal or family information:

Store and share family photos, home videos, archive digital copies of important documents.

Create a single repository for all those family recipes.

Store family news, anecdotes & history in a blog or as a video or audio archive.

10 great ways to use WebDeva for your family web site

Professional Results Now!

Blog • Video • Images • Catalogs • Forums • Text • Galleries • Forms • Networks • Menus • Polls • CRM • Public sites • Password Protected sites • Registrant Database • Newsletter Sign up • Meta Tag Editor • Contact Us • Voting and Comments • Advanced Search • Social Networking Integration • Google Base Exports and more

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“Web-Deva allows me to build my customer’s web site’s myself, rather than hiring a developer to do it. It saves me time & money and produces professional results that my customers love”.

– Elizabeth R.

“It’s such a paradigm shift!

With Web-Deva it costs nothing to edit my site text and images, it costs nothing to add new functionality – its a pleasure!”